Resource Management

Resource management 512 W Hdr Pic Biologists discuss plant monitoring

Biologists discuss plant monitoring.

Bog management is often centered on a handful of issues that have the potential to change the very nature of these wetlands:

  • Invasive plant control – Invasive plants are often non-native and can out-compete plants naturally found in or around a bog. These plants can take habitat from rare, native plants; change the bogs food web; and even change the soil moisture and movement of water in a bog depending on how much water the invasive plants use. 
  • Wetland and stream restoration – While some bogs still exist in pristine condition, many have been degraded, due to past efforts to drain their water or fill them with soil. For these sites, a basic step is returning the flow of water to a natural condition. 
  • Forest canopy management – Many of the rare plants and animals found in bogs need ample sunlight, so keeping the forest canopy open, with sunlight falling on the bog floor can be a management priority.