sunset over wetland

Friends of the Morris Wetland Management District

The Friends of the Morris Wetland Management District is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the work of the Morris district. The Friends group has fun together, organizes special events, raises awareness and supports the district within surrounding communities. Some specific recent Friends projects include: assisting staff with prairie wagon rides, prairie conservation talks, expressing support for the Fish and Wildlife Service at meetings of local government officials, and obtaining grants to improve hiking trails, educational programs, and habitat management. This group is a terrific asset to the Morris Wetland Management District. For information about joining the Friends group, contact them at

Other Partners

A wide range of partners join with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in promoting and implementing the refuge system’s vision. Partnerships are an essential part of the district’s current management, and are the key to successful management in the future. The district is not an ecosystem; rather, it merely represents an island of wildlife habitat. The district is inherently tied to the wildlife and habitats managed by other land owners throughout the prairie pothole region and the central flyway. We must all work together in order to make a significant difference in the preservation of waterfowl and wildlife.

Some of our partners include: