Rules and Regulations

Geese and Swans

Wetland Management District lands are accessible year-round.  Some of the acceptable outdoor uses include: hunting, fishing, nature photography, wildlife observation, berry and mushroom picking, trapping, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and canoeing.  Federal Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) are open to public hunting except where prohibited.  Please consult the appropriate Wetland Management District (WMDs) managers or for specific regulations.  State hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations apply, with a few more restrictive provisions described in the Minnesota State Hunting Regulation brochure within the FEDERAL LANDS section.  A few of the major regulations to be aware of are:

 General Restrictions

  • Target shooting is prohibited.
  • Training and allowing pets off leash are prohibited.
  • All types of motorized vehicles are prohibited on all WPAs, to include on frozen bodies of water, except on designated parking areas, access roads, and public roads.  
  • All types of motorized (to include gasoline and electric) watercraft are prohibited on all WPAs.
  • Camping, campfires and overnight parking are prohibited on all WPAs including designated parking areas.
  • We prohibit any visitor from abandoning, discarding, or otherwise leaving any personal property.  All property brought onto a WPA must be removed after each day. This includes all common items like vehicles, boats, decoys, trail cameras, blinds, geo-caching items, photography equipment, portable stands, climbing sticks, ice fishing shelters, and trash.
  • The destruction, defacement, disturbance or unauthorized removal of any natural object or government property is prohibited.
  • Plants and animals cannot be introduced, liberated or placed on WPAs.
  • Disposing of animal carcasses, trash, refuse rocks, wood or other debris is prohibited.
  • Cutting, mowing, sawing, digging, collecting, injuring or removing vegetation is prohibited.


  • Small game hunters using shotguns, including turkey hunters, are required to use and possess only non-toxic shot.
  • Small game hunters must wear an article of blaze orange/pink consistent with state regulations.
  • During the small game season, hunting dogs must be under the immediate control of the hunter.
  • No permanent stands or blinds are permitted. Also prohibited are the use of nails, wire, screws, or bolts to attach a stand to a tree or hunting from a tree, into which a metal object has been driven to support a hunter. Portable hunting stands MUST BE set up and removed each day.
  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited.
  • Distribution of feed or bait, or hunting over bait is prohibited. This includes salts and minerals.


  • WPAs are open to trapping per state regulations unless specifically prohibited.


  • WPAs are open to fishing per state regulations unless specifically prohibited.
  • We prohibit motorized vehicles on frozen water bodies.

 Artificial Lights

  • A person may not use a spotlight, headlight, or other artificial light to spot, locate, or take any wild animal in a WPA.

Morris Wetland Management District Specific

  • Hunting is allowed throughout the district except on the designated portions of the Edward-Long Lake WPA in Stevens County.