Rules and Regulations

phlox and leadplant

District lands are accessible year-round. Some of the acceptable outdoor uses include: hunting, fishing, nature photography, wildlife observation, berry and mushroom picking, trapping, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and canoeing. State hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations apply, with a few more restrictive provisions described in the district’s Waterfowl Production Areas Visitor Guide. These guides are available at the District’s office, outdoor kiosks and are downloadable here.  A few of the major regulations to be aware of are:

  • We only allow non-toxic shot when shotgun hunting, except for deer hunting
  • We prohibit camping 
  • We prohibit horseback riding
  • We prohibit the use of motorized vehicles outside of parking lots and the auto tour route
  • We require that blinds or stands must be removed at the end of each day's hunt
  • We prohibit abandoning, discarding, or otherwise leaving any personal property in any Waterfowl Production Area. This includes such items as boats, decoys, trail cameras, trash, and vehicles.
  • We prohibit the use of artificial light for the purpose of spotting, locating or taking of any animal  
  • We prohibit the use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting