Marsh mallow plants on the lighthouse path - USFWS.

Special use permits are required to enable members of the public to engage in certain activities on a National Wildlife Refuge. Such uses would include commercial activities, such as operating tours or commercial photography, and research and monitoring activities. Contact the refuge manager for more information.

Currently sport fishing is permitted on Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Surf fishing is regulated according to Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Laws. Recreational anglers are required to have a Massachusetts State license for saltwater fishing.

Shell fishing is allowed on the refuge and recreational shellfishermen require local permits from the Town of Chatham and must follow local regulations. Recreational shellfish permits are issued for town residents and non-residents.

A refuge permit is required for commercial fishing and hunting guides. Refuge-specific permits are not required for individual hunters and anglers. State and/or local permits are required for all hunting and fishing activities.