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Recent and Ongoing Habitat Improvement Projects

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The refuge is working hard with a variety of partners to continually improve habitat for wildlife.

  • Pit River Floodplain Project

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    In 2012 an exciting project was completed adding 80 acres to the floodplain of the south fork of the Pit River. Click below for details about the project.

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  • Wet Meadow Irrigation Improvement

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    Wet meadows are an extremely important habitat for Modoc NWR wildlife, but they require a very complicated irrigation system. Click below to read about the 2012 wet meadow irrigation improvement project.

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  • Refuge Island Enhancement

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    Historically, islands in Modoc county were built tall above the water, creating ideal conditions for weedy species. Click below to learn how the refuge is reversing this trend.

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  • Nest Box Project

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    Many nest boxes at Modoc NWR, which are important to a variety of cavity nesting birds, had fallen into disrepair. In 2012 refuge staff located all nest boxes on the refuge to assess box conditions and create a database to help future nest box management. The refuge now has a total of nearly 100 clean and sturdy nest boxes that cater to everything from swallows to owls!

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2013
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