Mule Deer

Odocoileus hemionus
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Mule deer are common on Modoc NWR, often seen grazing in small herds from refuge roads. 

Each fall, the rut—or reproduction period— begins, lasting from 4-6 weeks. Bucks compete for groups of females (doe's) to breed with, often engaging in violent battles of clashing antlers and kicking hooves.  Large bucks will make loud grunting sounds as they attempt to keep control of their females and chase smaller bucks away. Spotted fawns are born from late Spring to early Summer, with herds splitting into smaller groups of females with young, and bachelor bucks, where they graze separately throughout the summer.

Facts About Mule Deer

Diet: Forbs and Grasses

Average Lifespan: 8 years

Size: 150-250 lbs. 36" - 40" Tall at Shoulder; 54" - 60" Head to Tail