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Though the refuge is primarily managed to provide important habitat for migratory birds, it is also called home by many species of mammals.

  • Mule Deer

    mule deer

    Mule deer forage in the uplands and grain fields provided by the refuge, and take cover in the thick willow, bulrush, and tule patches found in wetlands and along riparian corridors. Click below to learn more about Mule deer. 

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  • Badger

    badger sm

    It doesn't take long to run into evidence that badgers reside at Modoc NWR, though it is much tougher to actually see one. Click below to learn about badgers. 


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  • Other Mammals

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    Other mammals, ranging from mice smaller than a fist, to ground squirrels, and up to grazing cattle exist on the refuge. Although the habitat is not primarily managed for mammals, these species benefit from the habitat that is managed and conserved at Modoc NWR. 
    For a full list of Modoc NWR mammals, click here.