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"It is our task in our time and generation, to hand down undiminished to those after us... the natural wealth and beauty which is ours."
-President John. F. Kennedy 

  • Modoc National Wildlife Refuge Habitat

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    Modoc NWR has a variety of habitat ranging from upland shrub communities, to seasonal and permanent wetlands, to expansive open water. Click below to learn more about the various habitats that compose the Refuge and why they are valuable to wildlife.

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  • Recent and Ongoing Habitat Projects

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    Habitat manipulation is an important facet of managing lands for wildlife, and through a variety of projects the Refuge is continuously attempting to provide valuable habitat for a variety of species. Click below to learn more about recent and continuing projects at the Refuge. 

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  • Cooperative Conservation

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    The Refuge's impact extends beyond it's boundaries and onto private lands through it's Partners for Fish and Wildlife program. Modoc NWR Partners biologists are working hard with local landowners to implement wildlife friendly projects on private lands.

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