Floodplain Improvement

80 acres added to Pit river floodplain
Floodplain 512x289

In coordination with California Waterfowl Association and local contractors, the Refuge has completed a large project converting the “North Grain Field” into Pit River floodplain. The new floodplain area adds to the previous 120 acres to create 200 contiguous acres of floodplain wetlands, which provide valuable resources to a variety of nesting and migrating birds. The project created a new channel for the river, which now meanders through the previous “North Grain Field”, emulating historic conditions of the Pit River. Tule’s were transplanted from the existing floodplain and moist soil plants were seeded into the new floodplain to promote a quick transition to a diverse wetland complex. The Refuge and it’s partners in the project are excited to see the results after all the hard work. We encourage hunters to have a look at the project, but we caution them about deep mud that is expected throughout the project area. Anyone hunting within the floodplain should be very careful. 



Facts About Floodplain Improvement

Early Signs Point to Success
Immediately after floodup of the new floodplain habitat, bird usage looked dismal. However, after new migrants arrived, bird usage soared, and over 2,500 ducks and geese were consistently seen foraging and loafing within the project area!