Cooperative Conservation

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Modoc NWR Partners for Fish and Wildlife biologists are working hard every day to conserve and improve habitat on private lands! 

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) program was established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1987, as a way to look past the boundaries of Federal lands and to work cooperatively with private landowners.  The PFW program offers a method for landowners to receive cost sharing and technical assistance when restoring natural habitat without signing a long term commitment.  The program operates on a voluntary basis and focuses on restoring habitat that targets species of interest to the landowner and federal trust species.  Local projects may range from wetland restorations, to stream bank stabilization, fish passage improvements, forest improvements, juniper removal and upland or rangeland improvements.  The success of this program depends largely on the one-on-one relationships developed between the landowner and the Partners Biologist.  Here at Modoc National Wildlife Refuge we strive to offer our landowners the best possible habitat restorations and pride ourselves on cooperating with our landowners to ensure that their needs are met along with the needs of the habitat.    

Have a look at one of our recent private lands projects:   

Micke Ranch Restoration Project  

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