Hunting Regulations


ONLY ducks, geese, coots, gallinules and common snipe may be hunted. All other species of wildlife, including pheasant, quail and dove, are protected and may not be killed. 


Hunters may not possess more than 25 shotgun shells after leaving the parking areas. Only non-toxic shot approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may be used on the Refuge. 50 CFR 32.24 (A) (5) 


Hunting the first weekend of the season will be by special permit only. Permits are issued prior to the season and after a random drawing of applications. After opening weekend, hunters are required to use the self check-in and check-out registration cards available at the information stations at the three designated parking lots in the hunt units. 

Hunting Areas 

Areas open to hunting are posted as such and are designated on the Refuge hunting map. Hunting areas are open 90 minutes before shooting time until 60 minutes after shooting time each hunt day. 


Hunters must enter and exit the hunting area from the three designated parking areas. All decoys and personal equipment must be taken in and out of the hunt area through the designated parking areas. Other access is prohibited. Guns must be unloaded in parking areas at all times. 

Removal of Personal Property 

All decoys and other personal property must be removed from the Refuge at the close of each day. 


Construction or use of permanent blinds is prohibited. Temporary blinds may be constructed, but such blinds shall be available for general use on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Spaced Blind Areas 

The Spaced Blind Hunting Area is serviced from a reserved parking area with corresponding numbered parking stalls. Hunters utilizing the spaced blinds are required to use numbered parking stalls which correspond to blind sites. This system is apportioned to hunters on a first-come, first-served basis. No more than one hunting party may occupy a spaced blind site. A hunting party is limited to four persons. Hunters must remain within the established blind except to retrieve downed birds and to return to or from the parking area. 

Assigned Hunt Units 

There are 5 assigned hunt units (2 wetland, 1 dry grainfield, and 2 units which may be either freshly planted grain or moist soil wetland)  available on the Grandma Tract hunt area. Hunters utilizing the assigned hunt units must park in the numbered space corresponding to the unit they wish to hunt. Assigned hunt units are available on a first-come, first-served basis after opening weekend. No more than one party may occupy an assigned hunt unit. Each party may hunt from anywhere within the assigned unit boundaries. A hunting party is limited to four persons. Hunters must remain within the assigned hunt unit except to retrieve downed birds and going to or from their vehicle. Please note the "Retrieval Only" zones within the Grandma Tract, you may retrieve downed birds from within these areas but do not carry a gun into the retrieval zones. Do not enter beyond "Closed Area" signs. 

Retrieving Zones 

Retrieving zones are present on the west and east sides of the Grandma Tract hunt area. Firearms are not allowed beyond "Retrieval Zone" signs. Do not go beyond "Closed Area" signs. Pick up your cripples at once to prevent waste. 


Three commercial campgrounds are located in Alturas with overnight trailer hook-ups available. No overnight camping or parking is permitted on the Refuge. 


The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited. 50 CFR 32.2 (J) 


Opening Weekend Information 

Junior Waterfowl Hunt Information 

Junior Pheasant Hunt Information