Resource Management

Resource Management Cover

Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge is part of the National Wildlife Refuge System. The mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System is to administer a national network of lands and waters for the conservation, management, and where appropriate, restoration of fish, wildlife, and plant resources and their habitats within the United States for the benefit of present and future generations of Americans. 

Vision Statement  

The Service's vision for the Moapa Valley NWR is: 

The Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge supports and protects a healthy, thriving population of Moapa dace at the headwaters of the Muddy River. Stable flows from the refuge’s numerous warm springs fill meandering channels downstream that provide ideal habitat for dace, Virgin River chub and other species of endemic fish and invertebrates. 

The spring bank and riparian plant communities provide habitat for southwestern willow flycatcher as well as a rich diversity of migratory and resident songbirds, colonial nesting species, and other native wildlife.  

Local residents and visitors learn about and enjoy this restored desert oasis. Volunteers take personal satisfaction from contributing to the conservation and protection of refuge wildlife and the unique spring-nourished habitats on which they depend.   

The Service will realize this vision through continued habitat restoration and maintenance, as well as, monitoring for and elimination of invasive non-native species.