Visitor Activities

MVNWR Trail to Overlook

At only 116 acres in size, the Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge offers the opportunity to explore the outdoors with very little effort. In the photo above, you can see part of the Loop Trail and the information kiosk at the path's highest point above the wildlife refuge.

Things to do...

  • Walk along the path that winds through an oasis for an enchanting stroll through a spring and stream system where dragonflies and birds can be observed. 
  • Visit the stream profile windows which provide a glimpse into the underwater world of the endangered Moapa dace, Moapa White River springfish and other aquatic wildlife.
  • Learn more about the refuge, the local wildlife, and the Moapa Valley from the informative displays located throughout. 
  • Hike the half-mile-long Loop Trail to the overlook structure, at the highest point on the trail, and take in the panoramic view of the wildlife refuge, the adjacent Warm Springs Natural Area, and the surrounding mountains. 
  • Enjoy a family picnic in the peaceful setting of the pavilion that offers shade and picnic tables. 

Entry to the Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge is free of charge. 

Reminder: The refuge is open Friday-Sunday, sunrise until sunset, from Labor Day until Memorial Day.