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Only an hour's drive from Las Vegas, the Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge is perfect for a short day trip to connect with nature. It truly is an oasis in the desert. (Image from Google Maps)



 Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is open to the public from sunrise until sunset every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September through May. Due to the refuge's small size, fragile habitat, and ongoing restoration work, the refuge is closed during June, July, and August. 



 Field Trips/Educational Programs for schools or other groups can be scheduled by contacting the Visitor Services Specialist:   

Jessica Samuelson

  775-725-3417 ext. 101




Moapa Valley NWR is always looking for hardworking, enthusiastic volunteers to help us with restoration work. If your group is interested, contact the Visitor Services Specialist:

Jessica Samuelson

  775-725-3417 ext. 101 



The Moapa Valley NWR is located in the Warm Springs area of the upper Moapa Valley in northeastern Clark County in southern Nevada. It lies just south of State Highway 168 and the Muddy River, between Interstate 15 on the east and U.S. Highway 93 on the west. The refuge is bounded on the North by Warm Springs Road, on the south by Battleship Wash, and on the east and west by private property. It is approximately 60 miles northeast of the city of Las Vegas and 9 miles west of the town of Glendale.