Wildlife & Habitat

Two Mississippi sandhill cranes in savanna

Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1975 under the authority of the Endangered Species Act to provide protection and management for the Mississippi sandhill cranes, one of the rarest bird populations on earth, and their unique, and itself endangered, wet pine savanna habitat. 

  • Birds

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    The diverse habitats found at the refuge make it the ideal place for birds to stop over on migration or make it a year-round home. 

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  • Plants

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    Home to some of the most species-rich plant habitats in North America, the refuge boasts numerous plants from the beautiful to the bizarre. 

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  • Habitats

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    The refuge protects one of the last expanses of wet pine savanna habitats. Learn more about it and other habitats that make the refuge the ideal place for the cranes to call home. 

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