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Rules and Regulations

Waterfowl Production Area sign

Waterfowl production areas within Minnesota Valley Wetland Management District are accessible year round. Acceptable outdoor uses include: hunting, fishing, nature photography, wildlife observation, environmental education, and interpretation. Make sure to observe all district regulations, posted district boundary signs, no hunting zones, and closed areas. 


Hunting and fishing seasons on the district generally follow state seasons and regulations. Additional site-specific regulations may be posted on-site.


Waterfowl production areas are:

•          Open to hunting (with non-toxic shot only) in designated areas according to state and federal regulations; 

•          Open to fishing according to state and federal regulations; no motorized boats allowed;

•          Closed to all motorized vehicles (ATVs included); and

•          Closed to artifact hunting, cultural disturbance, digging, burying, or disturbing the soil.


For more information, contact the district headquarters.

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012
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