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Rules and Regulations

Officer Explaining Rules and Regulations

Refuge lands are accessible year round from sunrise to sunset.  Acceptable outdoor uses include: hunting, fishing, nature photography, wildlife observation, environmental education, and interpretation.  Make sure to observe all refuge regulations, posted refuge boundary signs, no hunting zones, and closed areas.

Portions of the refuge are open to fishing and hunting specific species.  In designated areas Minnesota state regulations and refuge specific regulations will be enforced.  Refuge specific regulations supersede state regulations.  For additional information, download the Refuge Hunting Brochure, which is also available at both education and visitor centers and outdoor hunter kiosks.

Follow these general rules for recreational activities on refuge lands.  Please recognize and respect the rights of other refuge users and neighbors.

These activities are PERMITTED on the refuge:

• Environmental education and interpretation, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, wildlife observation, and nature photography. 
• Biking on designated trails.
• Shore and ice fishing on most refuge waters according to state and refuge-specific regulations.
• Hunting in areas designated by Refuge Manager according to state and refuge-specific regulations.
• Berry, mushroom, and nut picking (not more than one gallon per family, for personal consumption).

These activities are PROHIBITED on the refuge:

• Use of motor vehicles unless authorized by the Refuge Manager.
• Snowmobiling and horseback riding. 
• Canoeing and boating on the Refuge except in designated areas during the hunting season. 
• Use or possession of firearms (including air and paintball guns) except during hunting season in designated areas.  
• Target shooting.
• Disturbing, Destroying, vandalizing, or removing property, including signs. 
• Camping or building fires. 
• Disposing of waste or abandoning of property. 
• Indecency or disorderly conduct. 
• Swimming. 
• Unleashed pets. 
• Artifact hunting, cultural site disturbance, digging, burying, or disturbing the soil. 
• Night time activities, unless authorized by the Refuge Manager.

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2012
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