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Foggy Morning Deer"Foggy Morning" by Mike Williams

Updated: October 3, 2016

  • CAUTION: Flooding has impacted several trails and refuge units.  The river is predicted to crest on October 2nd.  Click the links for more information from NOAA's flood stage reports on the Minnesota River in Savage and Jordan.  Please use caution and avoid the following areas with posted trail closures:
    • At the Wilkie Unit, the gate is closed at the first parking lot.  There is water moving over old Highway 18 and crossing the water could be hazardous.
      • Rice Lake and Blue Lake are closed to hunting
    • At the Bloomington Ferry Unit, the bike "sand" trail traveling East towards Lyndale is flooded and posted with a sign at the Bloomington Ferry parking lot.  
    • At the Black Dog Unit, the Big Rivers Trail is closed.  
    • The Long Meadow Lake trail has flood waters beginning about 100 yards from the bottom of the bluff.
    • Portions of the Rapids Lake Unit, Louisville Swamp Unit, and Chaska Unit are under water.
      • The trail at Middle Road (Louisville Swamp) is flooded at the trailhead
    • Rice Lake boat launch will likely be closed until the week of November 8th.
      • Hunting in the river bottoms with active flooding and on the river when the water is this fast and high is very dangerous.  It is a much safer option to hunt on inland waters until the water goes down.
      • Rice Lake access is expected to be open for the second duck opener on October 15th.
  • Blue Lake is closed to Youth Hunting until further notice.
Access to the Old Cedar Avenue parking area will be closed until October 13, 2016 due to construction work.  Please click here for more specifics. 

Access to part of Hog Back Ridge Trail, and part of the Bluff Trail will be closed beginning April 15, 2016 due to construction work. Please click here for more specifics.  

  • The ball field parking lot at Chaska is closed due to construction.  You can still access the Chaska trail via Carver Riverside Park.  Please note that this is a 1.7 mile, one way trail.  Opening date to be determined.


  • Flood's Road over Sand Creek in Louisville Swamp is washed out.  See the map for the detour or click here


  • Black Dog trail is still closed due to infrastructure repair.  


Last Updated: Oct 03, 2016
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