Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge

Please consult the refuge-specific brochures that are available at the kiosks or contact the Visitor Center for complete rules and regulations. Visitors are permitted on the refuge ½ hour before sunrise until ½ hour after sunset.

Prohibited Activities: 

  • Use of a gasoline-powered boat motor on all refuge waters
  • Use or possession of any boat motor in the Mingo Wilderness Area
  • Failure to remove boats, fishing lines, and nets at the end of each fishing day 
  • Camping, open fires, overnight parking, or any night fishing activities on the refuge
  • Bow fishing and gigging
  • Collection or harm to mussels, crayfish, and other aquatic species, including frogs
  • Searching for or removing any object of antiquity including arrowheads, pottery, or other artifacts

Fishing: Different areas are open to fishing at different times of the year. Please consult the refuge’s tearsheet brochure for more information.

Hunting: Squirrel, turkey, deer and waterfowl hunting are permitted on designated portions of the refuge in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and refuge-specific regulations. Consult the refuge hunting regulations brochure for more information.