For Educators

School Groups at Eagle Days at Mingo NWR

The diversity of plants, wildlife and habitat at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge provides for great learning opportunities for all age groups.

Mingo National Wildlife Refuge provides hands-on learning opportunities for a variety of audiences and ages to discover the plants, wildlife and habitat of southeast Missouri. Interested teachers can plan a self-guided field trip or coordinate a staff-led visit. The refuge entrance fee is waived for all educational group visits.

Refuge staff is happy to work with you on providing a unique environmental education program for your class's visit to Mingo National Wildlife Refuge. These refuge staff-led programs are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on staff availability. Environmental education program topics can be tailored to fit specific grade levels and curriculum needs, and educational assistance, equipment loan, and logistical support is available to support self-led field trip visits.

To inquire about scheduling programs contact the refuge office at 573-222-3589 or email