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Five grave stones.

1906 - James Miller, an assistant surgeon in the U.S. Navy, died of an apparent appendicitis. He was either assigned to the Marine unit stationed on Midway or on a visiting vessel.

1909 - Dr. G. W. Hawkins, no information, this was after the Marines were transferred off Midway. He may have been on a visiting vessel or part of the Cable Company staff.

1910 - Philip Tinker, an 18-year old cable operator, broke his neck while diving in the lagoon.

1921 - Dr. H. M. Macauley, his death corresponds to when the Navy was using the atoll as a rendezvous location. During the 1920s, the Cable Station employees were the only full time residents.

1950 - Dr. B. K. Tullidge, his death in August 1950, occurred during a period when the Naval base was closed down after World War II. All Navy personnel were supposed to have been off the island by June. It is possible that he stayed longer to provide medical support to the Cable Company staff.


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Last Updated: Feb 10, 2016
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