Preserving the Past

Navy memorial

Although seemingly just a speck in the Pacific Ocean, Midway looms large in the hearts and minds of many Americans, Japanese and other transpacific nations. This Atoll positioned at the far northwestern end of the Hawaiian archipelago was the center of dramatic episodes in history. Midway has been a safe haven for shipwrecked sailors, a critical link in trans-Pacific communication and early air travel and the focus of a momentous Pacific war battle. Remnants of those and more recent periods in history are found at Midway, as are memorials in honor of those who fought and died during the Battle of Midway. One of the principal goals of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge is to preserve and interpret these unique resources.

This section provides at in-depth look of the historic milestones during the past century.

  • Battle of Midway National Memorial

    Midway Atoll was designated a National Memorial to commemorate the heroic courage and
    sacrifice of those who fought in the Battle of Midway.

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  • Historic Preservation Plan 2010

    Planning document to preserve the unique historical resources at Midway Atoll NWR.

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  • Pacific Cable Company

    The four main Cable Company buildings, constructed of steel beams and concrete with twelve-inch thick first-story walls, have fought a tough battle with termites, corrosion, and shifting sands for nearly a century.

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  • Clipper Era

    In 1935, Pan American Airways' Clipper operations came to Midway. This large flying boat island-hopped from San Francisco to China, providing the fastest and most luxurious route to the Orient, and bringing tourists to Midway until 1941.

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  • Midway Atoll in World War II

    "A day that will live in infamy".

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  • Post War

    After the Battle of Midway, the Japanese fell back into a defensive posture for the remainder of World War II, and never threatened Midway again.

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  • Base Closure

    In 1988, Midway Atoll became an "overlay" national wildlife refuge, still subject to primary jurisdiction of the Navy. In 1993, Naval Air Facility operations shutdown completely.

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  • Chronology of Events

    Events from 1859 through present day.

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