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Resource Management

Managing Resources in a FloodplainRefuge staff carefully considers any management techniques and employ them in varying degrees according to the situation.

Resource management focuses on allowing the river to determine the plants and habitats that return to the area. It includes frequently flooded lands associated with active or degraded side-channels and located between the Mississippi River and main stem levees. Opportunities to restore degraded habitats by partnering with federal, state, and non-profit entities have been fostered through a Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Middle Mississippi River Partnership. Limited tree planting, control of invasive species and restoring the natural cycle of floods and drought are top priorities. Abandoned agriculture fields are allowed to naturally seed into riverfront forest tree species. At moderate river stages, the refuge stores flood water on more than 8000 acres, reducing impacts to surrounding private lands and infrastructure.
Last Updated: Aug 06, 2012
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