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Visitor Activities

  • Hunting


    On Michigan waterfowl production areas hunters can hunt waterfowl, small game, upland game birds, and deer. Hunters must follow Michigan state regulations. In addition, hunters must use non-toxic shot when hunting waterfowl and all other game species except deer.

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  • Fishing

    Boy fishing

    The Michigan Wetland Management District has several wetlands located throughout property.  Most of these wetlands are shallow and unlikely to overwinter fish.  However, there are limited fishing opportunities.  Where fishing is possible anglers should follow State regulations.

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  • Wildlife Viewing

    Wildlife Viewing.

    The waterfowl production areas can be great places to watch wildlife. Birds are generally most visible in spring during migration and as they set up breeding territories in the wetlands and grasslands. More than 60 species of birds have been observed on the areas. This includes 10 species of waterfowl. Sandhill cranes are frequently heard or seen, particularly in the spring. Spring may also bring a chorus of frogs and toads, or gobbling turkeys. Summer is a perfect time to enjoy wildflowers in bloom in the grasslands and the butterflies and other insects they attract.

  • Photography


    We encourage you to bring along a camera at all times of the year. Cameras with a “zoom” may make it easier to photograph ducks on the wetlands. Cell phone cameras also can be used to capture memories of a wildflower, or other things seen on the areas. Visitors with lots of patience, and who visit often throughout the year, are most likely to take that “perfect” wildlife photo. Even the casual visitor has a chance to photograph some beautiful scenery.

Page Photo Credits — Credit: USFWS
Last Updated: Apr 11, 2014
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