Resource Management


To help plants and wildlife, refuge staff uses a variety of habitat management techniques to maintain, recover or enhance plant and wildlife values. Refuge staff carefully considers any management techniques and employ them in varying degrees according to the situation.

  • Fire Management


    Fire is a very powerful natural element that occurs throughout our planet. For tens of thousands of years, many ecosystems, including several in Florida, have adapted with fire and become dependent on a natural fire regime to maintain the habitat in a condition usable by native wildlife.

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  • Invasive Plant Management


    Exotic plant management is an ongoing activity. The control or prevention of invasive plants that otherwise would take over valuable habitat areas is vital to the survival and existence of native plant and wildlife species. In efforts to combat these noxious, invasive plants, chemical and mechanical control of Brazilian pepper, melaleuca, air potato, rosary pea, guinea grass, Chinese tallow tree, cogon grass, and Japanese climbing fern is conducted on the refuge.