A 1/4 mile loop directly behind the Visitors Center. Allow 15 minutes.  

The Boardwalk offers great views of two freshwater ponds, a native butterfly garden, hammock, a wetland prairie and associated wildlife. The trail is wheelchair accessible and there are three benches along the boardwalk.


Oak Hammock

A 3/4 mile loop. Allow 20-30 minutes.  

The trail is a figure 8 that winds through seasonally flooded forests. Be sure to take both loops. 


Palm Hammock
A 2 mile loop. Allow 40-50 minutes. 

The trail makes a loop through the palm hammock and returns on the same path. 


Cruickshank Trail 

A 5 mile loop that follows a mosquito control dike. Allow 2-4 hours. 

Wild Bird   
A 1/2 mile round trip that follows a gravel lined dike road. Allow 30 minutes. 


Scrub Ridge    
A 1 mile loop. Allow 30-40 minutes. 

The trail offers a leisurely stroll through some of the most unique habitat in Florida. 


Pine Flatwoods

A 1 mile loop. Allow 30-40 minutes.    

The trail follows established fire break roads. During the fall, winter and spring look for migratory songbirds, raptors, and nesting bald eagles. Florida Scrub-jays are common all year. 


Facts About Hiking

Maps are pictured on interpretive signs at each trailhead.

There is parking at all trailheads.

The Boardwalk at the Visitors Center is the only handicap accessible trail.

Areas other than trails can be hiked unless posted with a sign stating "Area Closed". 

Bicycles are prohibited.

Pets on a leash are permitted.