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  • Florida Scrub

    Pine flatwoods

    Florida scrub habitat is one of the most endangered natural plant communities in the United States. It occurs in small patches across Florida and is rapidly disappearing. It is home to dozens of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. Ironically, many of these species require fire to survive or reproduce.

  • Pine Flatwoods

    Pine flatwoods 150x118

    Once the dominant ecosystem of the eastern United States, pine flatwoods are dominated by flammable plants in the understory, and longleaf pine or slash pine in the canopy. Flammability is important in this habitat, as it guarantees the plants will burn.

  • Brackish Impoundments

    Brackish Impoundment 150x110

    The Refuge has restored hundreds of acres of salt marsh by reconnecting marshes to the river using culverts or by removing dikes. This allows for natural water flow and fluctuations. By partnering with Brevard Mosquito Control and St. Johns Water Management District, our goal is to return as much habitat as possible to its natural state while also ensuring staff and visitors are not negatively impacted by the infamous saltwater mosquito.