Including crabbing, clamming, oystering and shrimping
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You may Fish, Crab, Clam, Oyster, and Shrimp in the Indian River Lagoon, Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River Lagoon, Mosquito Control Impoundments and Interior Freshwater Lakes except for the restricted areas of the Kennedy Space Center or as noted below. Individuals found in NASA's normal or expanded Restricted Area are subject to arrest. All Florida Fishing Regulations apply as well as the following Refuge Specific regulations. There is a $10 daily fee, or $25 annual fee for using the improved boat ramps.

Mosquito Control Impoundments
Bank fishing after dark is not permitted. Impoundments and interior ponds are not open to night fishing.

Mosquito Lagoon
The Pole & Troll Zones were developed with extensive input from anglers and are intended to improve the quality of flats fishing and reduce prop scarring. The two Pole & Troll Zones cover 3,143 acres of the 21,000 acre Mosquito Lagoon.
To be in compliance with the regulations of the Zones, internal combustion engines must be off, (except in the posted channels) and boats drafting more than 12" at rest may not enter. Boats that enter the zone must switch to a non-internal combustion power source such as polling or paddling. Electric trolling motors are permitted. Boats may operate under power only in the posted running channels. The boundary of the Pole & Troll Zones is posted with white or yellow buoys and the running channels are marked with red and green day markers.

Indian River Lagoon
The headwaters of the Indian River Lagoon and Turnbull Creek are located within the boundary of the refuge. There is limited access to this portion of the lagoon, but Shiloh Marsh Road provides bank access along a 12 mile section of the northeast section of the Lagoon and offers good bird-watching, canoe, and fishing access. As with all refuge waters, a sports fishing permit is required.
Shiloh Marsh Road and L Pond Road are closed to motor vehicles. Individuals may enter by foot to bird-watch or fish from the road.

Banana River No Motor Zone
Most of the Banana River north of Port Canaveral and the Beach Line Highway (SR 528) has been closed to motor boats for the protection for manatees since 1990. This area has one of the highest concentrations of manatees in Florida. Boaters generally refer to this area as the “No Motor Zone” as motorized vessels including any vessel having an attached or non-attached internal combustion or electric trolling motor capable of use are prohibited. The boundary of the No Motor Zone is delineated with signs.
This 10,600 acre open water area is one of the few places in Florida free from motor boats and has become a popular destination for paddlers and fishermen. The shoreline on the north, east, and west side of the lagoon is within the “Security Area” of the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station; therefore access to the No Motor Zone is very limited and restricted to two locations from the south. From the southwest side, KARS Park provides a 30 car parking lot, store for ice and supplies, and restrooms. The launch site is located at the north end of KARS Park and provides direct access into the No Motor Zone. KARS Park charges a $5.00 per boat launch fee which can be paid at the KARS store. KARS Park is located at the east end of Hall Road off Courtney Parkway (SR3).


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Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge 

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Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

A business permit is required for private individuals or companies to provide commercial services to refuge visitors within Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. The individuals listed above in the clickable document link, currently possess a valid refuge business permit.


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