Endangered Species

Wood Storks

The refuge supports one of the highest numbers of endangered and threatened species within the National Wildlife Refuge system.

  • Eastern Indigo Snake

    E Indigo Snake

    The eastern indigo snake, the largest non-poisonous snake in North America, can reach eight feet in length.

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  • Florida Scrub-jay


    Similar in size and color to the blue jay, the scrub jay lacks a crest and is grey around the shoulders.

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  • Gopher Tortoise


    The only tortoise east of Texas, the gopher tortoise is found mostly in the well-drained scrub habitat.

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  • Southeastern Beach Mouse


    The protected beach of the refuge combined with the beach of the Cape Canaveral Air Station and Canaveral National Seashore may be the last population stronghold for this tiny rodent.

  • West Indian Manatee


    These gentle slow-moving creatures frequent the refuge year round.

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  • Wood Stork


    Wood storks can be found wading in the refuge impoundments or in the shallow ditches, looking for fish.

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