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About the Refuge

Meredosia National Wildlife Refuge

The Meredosia Refuge was established in 1973 and is located along the east side of the Illinois River in Morgan and Cass Counties, Illinois. The town of Meredosia is situated along the southern boundary of the refuge and Springfield is about 50 miles to the east of the refuge.

Meredosia National Wildlife Refuge is managed under the Illinois River National Wildlife and Fish Refuges Complex. Emiquon and Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuges are also managed under this refuge complex.

Meredosia refuge is 3,582 acres and is located in the upper end of the Alton Navigation Pool in an area that was historically known for its ability to sustain fish and wildlife. The refuge was established to provide an inviolate sanctuary for wildlife, primarily for waterfowl and other migratory birds. Land management programs are designed and administered to promote migratory bird, fish, and resident wildlife habitat in the Illinois River basin, while providing for public recreation opportunities.

When acquisition and restoration are complete, the refuge will include a combination of high-quality seasonal wetlands, bottomland forest, upland forest, prairie, and permanent marsh habitat for migratory birds, fish, and resident wildlife. As a functioning floodplain wetland complex, the Refuge will play a vital role in perpetuating biological diversity in the Illinois River basin.

Meredosia National Wildlife Refuge 

2227 N Beach Road 
Meredosia, IL 62665 
Phone: 309/535-2290 
Last Updated: Jun 07, 2013
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