Wildlife & Habitat

Birds landing in a marsh

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was established in 1935 because of the abundant bird life found here.  Today, the Refuge is home to a diversity of native prairie and wetland species.

  • Wildlife


    Medicine Lake NWR is home to a variety of wildlife.  From birds and mammals to fish and invertebrates, the Refuge provides shelter and food for many species including the grasshopper sparrow, bobolink, beaver, muskrat, tiger salamander, leopard frog, northern pike, and Ottoe skipper butterfly.

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  • Habitat


    As part of the "glacial drift prairie," Medicine Lake NWR has relatively gentle rolling plains and numerous shallow wetlands.  Refuge habitats include open water, marsh, and native prairie, as well as previously cultivated lands now maintained mostly in perennial grass.

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