Wildlife and Habitat

Pronghorn herd / L. Wilkins, USFWS

Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge is home to an incredible variety of wildlife species that depend on the diversity of habitat found here.

  • Wildlife

    White-tailed fawn/Bennette Jenkins

    Wildlife comes first on national wildlife refuges and at Maxwell, you will see a variety of mammal, reptile, amphibian, and bird species that call the refuge home.

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  • Habitat

    Woodlot/Aaron Mize

    The refuge is made up of prairie, wetlands, woodlots, and agriculture fields -- important habitat that provides the food, shelter, and space that wildlife needs to establish new territories and raise their young.

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  • Wildlife Watching Tips

    Long tailed weasel/Leann Wilkins

    A variety of suggestions provided from the link below, to assist you in seeing wildlife on Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge during your visit. 

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  • Species List

    Canada Goose/Bennette Jenkins

    While enjoying wildlife watching on the refuge, you will find the attached bird list helpful.

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