In The Community

American badgers-Taxidea taxus/Leann Wilkins

National Wildlife Refuges are good for communities!

Nature Tourism:
Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge is enjoyed by visitors from the State of New Mexico and out of State travelers.  These visitors support local communities with purchases of gas and meals. Some visitors stay in hotels and plan trips to other places throughout the Land of Enchantment. Their purchases in our communities help local businesses.  

If you are coming from out of town, be sure and check our Events Calendar for upcoming events! Visit the Seasons of Wildlife page to help you plan your trip to Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge.
Home Values:
A national study conducted in 2012 shows that owning a home near a national wildlife refuge increases home values and helps support the surrounding community’s tax base.  According to the study, homes located within half a mile of a refuge and within eight miles of an urban center were found to have higher home values.  This report is the first nationwide study to analyze national wildlife refuges’ impact on land values.
Helpful Link:
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service -Wildlife Watching in the U.S.:  Economic Impacts on Economies