Rules and Regulations


The following regulations are specific to the Refuge and necessary for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat, and for the safety of visitors. Observance of these rules will help make the Refuge a better place for visitors and the wildlife they come to enjoy. The Refuge Manager reserves the right to close all or part of the Refuge to hunting and/or public access at any time. Specific regulations will be posted. The Refuge is also subject to Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.


  General Regulations and Guidelines

  • Closed areas are closed to the public.  The Refuge Manager reserves the right to close all or part of the open areas to hunting or public access at any time.  
  • Motorized vehicles are restricted to public roads and parking lots.
  • Blocking gates or access roads is prohibited.
  • The use of ATV's, bikes, or other forms of transportation other that foot travel is prohibited on interior refuge roads.
  • Camping is prohibited.
  • Pets must be leashed except when being actively used for hunting during the appropriate hunting seasons.
  • Molesting or injuring any animal or plant, except fish and game taking in season, is prohibited.
  • Disorderly conduct and leaving of any refuse on the land or water is prohibited.
  • Collecting shed deer antlers is prohibited.
  • The Use of game or trail cameras is prohibited.
Hunting and Fishing