Rules and Regulations

Two Mottled Ducks at water's edge with marsh grass in the backgound

Hunting, fishing, and other forms of recreation, where and when allowed are carefully managed to provide sustainable natural resources and to provide for public safety.   All plants and wildlife are protected on National Wildlife Refuges (NWR), including Mandalay NWR, unless specific refuge hunting or fishing regulations allows take.

Enjoy exploring and recreating in your National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is open from sunrise to sunset. Recreational boating is allowed in open waterways – existing canals, ditches and trenasses.

To ensure healthy habitat and sustainable natural resources for your continued enjoyment, and to ensure visitor safety, the following are rules and prohibited activities:

Airboats and marsh buggies are not allowed on the Refuge.

The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting.

Non-toxic steel shot must be used in shotguns.

Frogging or the taking of turtles is not allowed on the Refuge.

Possession or distribution of bait while in the field, and hunting with the aid of bait, including any grain, salt, minerals, or any non-naturally occurring food attractant is not allowed.

Cutting, removing, or damaging vegetation is prohibited.

It is illegal to operate unmanned aircraft on Refuge property without a special permit. (*A drone flight may be permitted occasionally for research or resource management purposes). If a drone operator stands beyond Refuge boundaries and flies the vehicle over the Refuge, fines can be levied if the drone is observed disturbing wildlife.  

For a complete list of Refuge use rules and regulations
download the Mandalay NWR Hunting and Fishing Regulations here.

Access state of Louisiana fishing information at this link.

Access state of Louisiana hunting information at this link.