Just for Kids

  • National Wildlife Refuges Coloring Books

    Coloring book outline of Red-cockaded Woodpecker

    Download a printable National Wildlife Refuge coloring book, English (2.5 MB PDF).

    Download a printable National Wildlife Refuge coloring book, Spanish (2.5 MB PDF).

  • Junior Ranger Let's Go Fishing Activity Book

    Children fishing from a pier with a ranger

    Download this Junior Ranger Angler Activity Book at this link (7 MB PDF) and begin your adventure in learning about fish, fishing, and how to be a responsible angler.

  • Bird Sleuth Explorer's Guidebook

    Bird Sleuth cartoon image of kids birdwatching in the forest

    National wildlife refuges are home to more than 700 species of interesting birds! Go on a habitat scavenger hunt, create a sound map, and test your bird ID skills with this activity book designed to be used by families, school groups, and anyone looking for a fun way to connect to a national wildlife refuge. Geared towards fourth graders, this step-by-step guide will help you explore our country’s incredible national wildlife refuges by introducing you to their habitats and birds that live there.

    Download the Bird Sleuth Explorer’s Guidebook at this link. (1.3 MB PDF)

  • Wilderness Explorer Activity Book

    Girl wearing a Junior Ranger hat holding a magnifying glass

    This activity booklet is designed for exploring wilderness, either at a wilderness nearby or one you are visiting. Activities are geared for ages 8 and up. After you complete the activity booklet, print your Wilderness Explorer certificate. (380 KB PDF)

    Download a Wilderness Explorer Activity Book at this link. (3.8 MB PDF)

  • Junior Duck Stamp Program

    Two Tundra Swans flying over marsh against a cloudy sky

    The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program uses art and science to teach K-12th grade students about the value of wetlands and waterfowl. Through a multidisciplinary education curriculum and a national art contest, students explore topics covering waterfowl, wetland habitat, and ways to conserve both.

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