Junior Duck Stamp Program

Federal Junior Duck Stamp logo - Duck Head

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation Program uses art and science to teach K-12 students about conservation and about the value of wetlands and waterfowl. Through a multidisciplinary education curriculum, students explore topics covering waterfowl, wetland habitat, and ways to conserve and sustainably manage these natural resources.

  • Junior Duck Stamp Curriculum

    Two Tundra Swans flying side by side with clouds in background

    Engage your students in science learning using curriculum guides that help spark interest in wildlife and habitat conservation through science, art, math, and technology focused lessons and activities. Students will discover the wonders of North American waterfowl and their habitats, and learn about conservation principles. Download the curriculum and educator guides below.

    Junior Duck Stamp Educators Guide (11 MB PDF)

    Junior Duck Stamp Homeschool Guide (1 MB PDF)

    Junior Duck Stamp Youth Guide (8 MB PDF)

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  • Junior Duck Stamp Contest

    Painting of Northern Shoveler duck swimming

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hosts the annual Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest, a nationwide competition to design a pictorial stamp depicting a native waterfowl species in its habitat. The contest and curriculum engages students in K-12th grade in the disciplines of art and science. The Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuges Headquarters in Lacombe serves as a collection and judging site for Louisiana participants. For more information about submitting artwork contacting Rebecca_Larkins@fws.gov

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  • Buy A Junior Duck Stamp

    Male and female Wood Ducks sitting on a log near the water

    Each year, students in K-12th grade compete in the FREE Federal Junior Duck Stamp Wildlife Art Contest. Students show what they have learned about waterfowl and wetland conservation by drawing or painting a native North American duck, goose or swan. The national best of show artwork provides the design for the Federal Junior Duck Stamp, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sells for $5. Proceeds from the stamps fund scholarships, education programs, and materials.

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