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Coyote pups

Coyotes are just one of the fifty-eight species of mammals found at Malheur. These pups are beginning to explore the world around them.

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    Cinnamon teal pair loafing on a log

    Malheur is a major stop on the Pacific Flyway, however degraded conditions on Malheur Lake from invasive common carp limit the amount of aquatic vegetation available to migratory and nesting birds. The refuge is working to restore the lake.

    Prescribed fire is a tool used to remove decadent vegetation on portions of the refuge where other habitat management tools such as haying and grazing are not viable options. The refuge conducts prescribed burns during the winter when conflicts with wildlife are minimal.

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    Commercial fisherman

    Invasive common carp are decimating the aquatic health of Malheur Lake. This video highlights restoration activities to bring back Malheur Lake to its former glory along the Pacific Flyway.

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