Greater Shearwater with Satellite Transmitter

Biological projects take place each year on the Refuge. Some projects are ongoing studies and others are one time efforts. Many are done in partnership with other entities. Learn more below about our biological program.

  • Biological Highlights

    Searching for Roseate Terns

    Check out the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge biological highlights 2008 - 2012 to read the progress we've made on various projects throughout the refuge. Highlights include the Arctic tern geolocator project, tracking greater shearwater habitat, Atlantic puffin behavior study, bat migration monitoring and many others.

  • Annual Seabird Restoration and Research

    Tern Census

    Yearly update on seabird restoration projects off the coast of Maine. Keep up to date with current seabird census numbers on restoration islands, recent research program highlights, facts about seabirds in Maine, and more.