Estuarine Fringe Loblolly Pine Forest

Habitat Type: Estuarine Fringe Loblolly Pine Forest

The estuarine fringe loblolly pine forest occurs on 1,329 acres of the refuge’s 8,219 acres on mineral hydric soils to the east and west of the brackish marsh. The Nature Conservancy ranks the forests as rare in North Carolina, and very rare throughout its range. Species in the forest include loblolly pine, red maple, swamp tupelo, sweetgum, green ash, wax myrtle, and saltmeadow cordgrass. With frequent fires, the hardwoods and wax myrtle are suppressed and the pine and cordgrass dominate.

Facts About Estuarine Fringe Loblolly Pine Forest

Loblolly Pine
Red Maple
Swamp Tupelo
Green Ash
Wax Myrtle
Saltmeadow Cordgrass