About the District

Rolling hills landscape of a small prairie pothole

 "Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land." - Aldo Leopold

Long Lake Wetland Management District encompasses three counties in south-central North Dakota and is famed for its wealth of waterfowl-producing potholes and native prairie grasslands. Headquarters is located at the Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

The Long Lake Wetland Management District habitats are comprised of Waterfowl Production Areas, satellite refuges, Wildlife Development Areas, wetland and grassland easements, and private lands agreements. Waterfowl Production Areas are fee title lands purchased under authority of the Small Wetlands Acquisition Program, funded with Duck Stamp dollars.

Administration of the Wetland Management District also involves enhancement of private lands for wildlife through cooperative agreements with private landowners and monitoring and reporting private land violations of federal conservation regulations and laws. 

Approved goals for the Wetland Management District are listed below: 
  • Conserve, restore, and enhance federally listed endangered species and the habitats upon which they depend.
  • Provide life requirements of waterfowl and other migratory birds occurring naturally in this portion of the Prairie Pothole Region.
  • Provide life requirements of resident wildlife species.
  • Provide a wide range of opportunities for compatible wildlife/wetlands oriented recreation, interpretation, and education.
  • Foster conditions under which prehistoric and historic resources can exist in harmony with the FWS mission.
  • Preserve and enhance the overall environmental quality, wild character, and natural beauty of the Long Lake Wetland Management District.