Visitor Activities


Exploring Little River National Wildlife Refuge takes an adventurer’s spirit!  The refuge is open for wildlife watching and photography, fishing and hunting.

Wildlife Watching
The Little River National Wildlife Refuge bird list contains 191 identified species that spend all or part of the year on the refuge. The refuge is one of only a few known nesting locations in Oklahoma for the rare Swainson’s warbler, a secretive songbird that winters in the Caribbean. Flycatchers, swallows, vireos, and at least 31 species of warblers are all neotropical migrants that can be observed on the refuge. Each winter, the refuge also hosts a few bald eagles that can be seen roosting in tall trees and preying on waterfowl and fish. Resident wild turkey may be seen pecking for acorns among the leaves or glimpse a Mississippi kite soaring fast above you.

As you make your way through the refuge, pay close attention and you may see an alligator floating in the still waters of the wetland swamps. The refuge is located within the northwest expansion of this prehistoric reptile's range.

The refuge offers hunting for squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, waterfowl, white-tailed deer and turkey.  In addition, the refuge offers two controlled quota hunts for white-tailed deer in the fall and one controlled quota hunt for turkey in the spring.  The controlled hunts are administered through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's controlled hunt program.  To ensure your safety and enjoyment while visiting the refuge, please contact the refuge headquarters for current refuge-specific hunting regulations.

Shotguns with approved non-toxic shot or .22/.17 caliber rimfire rifles are the only weapons permitted for hunting, except during the controlled deer hunts where state-approved legal means of take are also permitted.

Hunting Regulations and Map

Sport fishing is permitted year-round in accordance with state regulations. Visitors must comply with all state fishing and boating regulations. The refuge provides several access points to Little River for bank fishing or boat access. The river is a popular destination for anglers in pursuit of channel catfish. Fishing for bluegills, crappie, and large-mouth bass is also excellent in many of the small oxbow lakes scattered throughout the refuge.