Visitor Activities

Visitor Activities at Litchfield Wetland Management District

Litchfield Wetland Management District provides a number of great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  The tallgrass prairies and wetlands host a diversity of plant and animal species and make for some great wildlife observation areas as well as other recreational activities.

  • Hunting

    Hunting at Litchfield Wetland Management District

    Waterfowl production areas are purchased largely with Duck Stamp proceeds to provide a complex of wetlands and uplands habitat in which waterfowl can successfully reproduce. As the name implies, the management focus is waterfowl and most units have great duck or goose hunting opportunities. They also provide prime hunting locations for upland game such as pheasant, turkey and deer. Access is generally walk-in only unless otherwise posted and usage is first-come, first-served. All state and federal laws apply, including the use of non-toxic shot. Permanent blinds are not allowed. Portable, self-supporting blinds are permissible.

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  • Fishing

    A Young Fisherman

    Fishing opportunities on the district’s lands are limited. Generally, our waterfowl production areas are made up of isolated shallow potholes without game fish. However, in situations where a waterfowl production area abuts a public water body or if there are fish in a stream, river or wetland within the unit, visitors are allowed walk-in access to fish. Boat access is restricted to locations with a public boat launch. Fishing is closed on the northern portion of Phare Lake waterfowl production area. Call the district office at 320-693-2849 if you have questions about specific locations.

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  • Wildlife Viewing

    Viewing Aquatic Insects

    Wildlife viewing and observation is an integral part of the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System and is allowed on every waterfowl production area in the Litchfield Wetland Management District. Access is by walk-in only, or standard vehicle use on any perimeter public road. Portable blinds may be used, but must be removed daily.

  • Interpretation

    Interpretation at Litchfield Wetland Management District

    Interpretive signs to help visitors learn more about the wildlife and habitat in our area can be found at Weber Waterfowl Production Area in Kandiyohi County and at our headquarters office in Litchfield, Meeker County. A trail and observation platform are both in the plans for the near future at our headquarters site.

  • Environmental Education

    Environmental Education at Litchfield Wetland Management District

    Waterfowl production areas across the Litchfield Wetland Management District are open for educational opportunities. Guests are welcome to conduct self-guided programs. District staff are available as time permits to provide on-site programs to local school and other educational groups. District staff annually host “Habitat Day” generally the first or second Saturday in April. Families learn about the district while also participating in a variety of activities including the highlight of building a wood duck or bluebird nest box to take home. To contact the district staff about a program, call the headquarters office at 320-693-2849.

  • Photography


    We have many great photography opportunities on Litchfield Wetland Management District for those who enjoy prairie wildlife and wetland landscapes. As these areas are managed primarily for waterfowl reproduction, they are heavily used in the spring and fall as migration habitat and in the summer by breeding ducks, geese and swans. The abundance of wetlands on the units also ensures the presence of marsh birds such as bitterns, rails and herons. District lands are managed for native grassland, so you are also likely to encounter wildflowers and grassland birds. All access is walk-in only and portable, self-supporting blinds are allowed.