About the District

Litchfield Wetland Management District

The Litchfield Wetland Management District was established in 1978 to acquire, restore, and manage habitat for waterfowl production and other migratory birds.

Today, the district manages 153 separate parcels of federally owned land, called Waterfowl Production Areas, within a seven county area in south-central Minnesota. Together, the Waterfowl Production Areas encompass about 36,000 acres of land dedicated to wildlife and wildlife-dependent recreation. District lands contain diverse native habitats from native forest in the northeast to the tallgrass prairie in the south and west, with the transition zone in between.

In addition to managing land for public use, the district also protects more than 13,000 acres of privately-owned wetland and grassland habitat, purchased as permanent easements to restore and protect habitat. The land remains in private ownership, but the easements protect the integrity of the wetlands and surrounding uplands for wildlife. The district also works with private landowners to protect privately-owned wetlands and prairies through the voluntary Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program.