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Resource Management

Phragmited - USFWS.
  • Management Goals

    Refuge management goals are:

    - Provide and manage a diversity of high quality habitats to support breeding, migrating and/or wintering birds, threatened & endangered species, and fish.
    - Maintain high quality habitats for all native wildlife and plant species.
    - Establish and maintain partnerships to benefit wildlife for present and future generations

  • Invasive Species

    Invasive plants are a threat because they displace native plant and animal species, degrade wetlands and other natural communities, and reduce natural diversity and wildlife habitat values by out-competing native species for light, water, and nutrients. Invasive plants do occur on the refuge and threaten both aquatic and terrestrial systems.

    Once invasive plants have become established, their characteristic abilities to establish easily, reproduce prolifically, and disperse readily make getting rid of them expensive and labor-intensive. Many of them cause measurable economic impacts, particularly in agricultural fields. Preventing new invasions is extremely important for maintaining biodiversity and native plant populations. Controlling affected areas requires extensive partnerships with adjacent landowners and state and local government agencies.

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2013
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