Wildlife & Habitat

Wood ducks lay their eggs in a tree cavity high from predators/USFWS Photo

Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge encompasses a broad diversity of habitats, many influenced by the presence of water. Look below for some of the hundreds of plant and animal species use habitats protected by this refuge.

  • Birds

    Common yellowthroat is found in wetlands and shrubby areas in the Refuge/Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach

    Feathered flocks of all kinds gather at the refuge. Over 200 species of birds rest, nest and feed on the shorelines, fields, wetlands and forests.

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  • Mammals

    Raccoons are common at Willapa National Wildlife Refuge/ Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach

    Big and small, the refuge is home to a diverse array of furred creatures.

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  • Amphibians & Reptiles

    Garter snakes are a common sight on sunny days/Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach

    The lush forests and wet fields support a diversity of amphibians and reptiles. 

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  • Fish

    Refuge sloughs are a nursery for young salmon/USFWS

    The Columbia River estuary and surrounding streams and sloughs are home to salmon, sturgeon and more.  

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  • Invertebrates

    Orb-weaving spiders are diverse and abundant at the Refuge/Photo Courtesy of Rollin Bannow

    The range of refuge life without a backbone is vast. From butterflies to tiger beetles, slugs and spiders, discover the diversity of invertebrates on your next visit.

  • Habitats

    Bird's nest fungus is found in coastal forests/ Photo Courtesy of Rollin Bannow

    Habitat is home. Food, water, shelter and space are all essential ingredient to habitat. The amount and type of light, air, water and soil determine a habitat type.

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  • Endangered Species

    The refuge was created to protect the endangered Columbian white-tailed deer/USFWS

    As habitats change and external pressures mount, plant and animal populations can fall well below a sustainable number. Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge is home to handful of threatened and endangered species.

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