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Visitor Activiities

Summer tanager /W. Radke ©, USFWSExplore and enjoy Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge. 

Many visitors are drawn by the many colorful and sometimes rare bird species that visit or call the refuge home for a part of the year.  The varying elevations within the canyon make more excellent wildlife watching.

Wildlife Watching & Nature Trails:
The two-mile Leslie Canyon Trail will lead visitors through most every habitat type found on the refuge, including riparian-scrub, desert grassland and desert scrub.  At the north end of the trail, visitors can visit an abandoned mine site that includes a home and other infrastructure from a time when the canyon was still being mined. Look for the kiosk located at the trailhead.

* Please note that parking for the trail is parallel only on Leslie Canyon Road and that portions of the trail are closed during times of possible flooding.

Wildlife photography:  While there are no permanent photo blinds on the refuge, the natural landscape and numerous wetlands provide many opportunities for photographers to get some amazing photos.  Leslie Canyon’s amazing landscape and wildlife make it a favorite among nature photographers. 
Page Photo Credits — Summer tanager / W. Radke ©, USFWS
Last Updated: May 06, 2013
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