Fishing is permitted year round. A valid state of Florida freshwater fishing license is required. 

Bank fishing is available in the canals adjacent to the Refuge impoundments via hook and line only. The impoundments are accessible from the Live Oak Parking lot at the end of Mud Lake Road. Find maps here. You may walk the levees around Pools 1, 2, and 3 to find your perfect fishing spot.

Do not litter!  Please clean up any fishing line, bait cans, food, or drink.

Bass, crappie, bream and sunfish are the most commonly caught species. Hook and line fishing is also allowed in Lake Woodruff and streams within the refuge boundaries, however a boat is needed to reach these sites. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulates fishing in Lake Woodruff, St. John's River, and the surrounding streams and rivers within the refuge boundary. If you have any questions regarding boating or fishing in Lake Woodruff, St. John's River, or its tributaries, please contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Facts About Fishing

The Refuge boundaries may surround Lake Woodruff, Lake Dexter, Mud Lake and their tributaries; however, these are Florida State-owned Navigable Waters and are not owned by the Refuge.


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