All commercial users or operations conducted on Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge are required by Federal law to obtain a special use permit from the refuge.

Special Use Permit

Any group activities or uses that require special access to the refuge or facilities would require a Special Use Permit. Permit applications should be provided to the refuge manager at least 6 weeks in advance of the activity. Permits of extensive nature or complexity may take even longer to process. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for its compatibility with refuge objectives and activities and, if approved, specific regulations would be listed in the Special Use Permit. The holder of the permit will be responsible for returning any facilities and equipment used to its original condition and state of cleanliness. 

All commercial activities require a Special Use Permit.

Special Use Permit applications can be found here.

You may mail applications to:    Refuge Manager

                                                 2045 Mud Lake Road

                                                 DeLeon Springs, FL 32130

Or, you may e-mail applications to:


Permits are required to hunt on Lake Woodruff NWR. These permits are issued through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FL FWCC). To apply, go to