The refuge hosts 11 species of lizards, one species of worm lizard, 12 species of turtles, 27 species of snakes, and one crocodilian. The most commonly observed reptiles on the refuge include basking American alligators and turtles.  Brown and green anoles are often seen on the ground in the impoundment parking lot and adjacent trails.

  • Crocodilian

    Alligator with baby on its head

    The American alligator is seen throughout the refuge.

  • Snakes


    Four venomous species on the refuge include eastern coral snake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, Florida cottonmouth, and the dusky pigmy rattlesnake. 

  • Turtles


    Turtles of the refuge are mostly aquatic and semi-aquatic species such as the Peninsula cooter, chicken turtle, snapping turtle, striped mud turtle and stinkpot. The gopher tortoise is the only truly terrestrial species. 

  • Lizards


    Several species of lizards are found on the refuge, including 2 non-native species, the brown anole and Indopacific gecko. Native species include the arboreal green anole, broad-headed skinks, glass lizards, and fence lizards.